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Kyusho Knockouts

Video Highlights

We suggest you use RealPlayer to view these videos (not intended for instructional use).

Kyusho Instructional Video for sale

Knockout Video Clip 1

Knockout Video Clip 2

Knockout Video Clip 3

Knockout Video Clip 4

Knockout Video Clip 5

Knockout Video Clip 6

Knockout Video Clip 7

Knockout Video Clip 8

Knockout Video Clip 9

Knockout Video Clip 10

Knockout Video Clip 11

Knockout Video Clip 12

The videos are of the home-cam recording style. Please e-mail Dr. Kenneth H. Balliet for availability before ordering. Never practice or attempt to do these Katas without prior approval of a physician to verify that you are physically able to practice these Katas. Never attempt to perform any of these techniques without being with and under the direct supervision of a qualified Shorinji Ryu instructor or another qualified instructor of Martial Arts. These videos are for instruction only.


Self Defense DVD coming soon


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Soke/Kaiden Dr. Kenneth H. Balliet

Certification and promotion are available in Kyusho, Karate, Kobujutsu, Ju Jutsu and other Martial Arts. Contact Bushi Dr. Kenneth H. Balliet for details.

Contact Bushi Dr. Kenneth H. Balliet for hosting a Kyusho seminar at your school.

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